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Youngstown: Street Talk from Warren

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People in Warren have lots of impressions about Youngstown.

Some good.

Some bad.

Some puzzling.

Youngstown: Street talk from Austintown

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“It’s dying. It’s a dump. It’s going downhill. It’s a good place to live. People think it’s a lot worse than it actually is.” — These are just some of the things reporter Steven Wilaj heard when he visited Austintown and asked, “What do you think of when you think of Youngstown?” Do you agree or disagree with them?

Youngstown: Street Talk from Toledo

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News Outlet reporter Andrew Donofrio spent some time in Toledo and asked people there what they thought about Youngstown. One person said it was worse than Gary, Ind. That would pretty bad considering Gary ranks much higher than the U.S. average in murder, rapes, robberies, burglaries and auto thefts.

Youngstown: Street Talk from Cleveland

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We’ve heard from Canton, New Castle and Pittsburgh. Now, it’s Cleveland’s turn to tell us what they think of when they hear the word, “Youngstown.” You might be surprised at some of the answers.

Youngstown: Street Talk from New Castle, Pa.

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Pennsylvania residents give their impressions of Youngstown to News Outlet reporter Andrew Donofrio. They point out problems and positives.

Youngstown: Street Talk from Pittsburgh

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News Outlet reporter AJ Ondrey visited The Mall at Robinson in Pittsburgh to find out what some regional people thought about Youngstown. About 60 percent of the people he spoke with said they didn’t know anything about Youngstown. Other people did have opinions. Here are a few to consider.

Youngstown: Street Talk from Canton

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News Outlet reporter Stephen Wilaj spent a few hours on May 31 in downtown Canton asking people he met about their impressions of Youngstown. Here’s what he found.